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A coin visibly melts through a clear plastic bag!

Supercoin (Optional) :

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You hold a coin behind a clear plastic bag to demonstrate the optical illusion that the coin is inside. All of a sudden illusion becomes reality and the coin visibly melts right through the bag!

This incredible illusion is possible because of our precision machined “Supercoin.” It’s made from a real coin.
There are no holes in the bag and it can be completely examined. The coin can easily be switched for a real coin if you like. 

With C-THRU You will receive the Supercoin along with three clear bags. These are thick 3 mil bags that will last a long, long time. John will teach you on YouTube video:
  • C-THRU
  • Mid-Air Coin Bend
  • Coin Through Hand
  • Coin Through Cup
  • And much more!
As a bonus you will also learn Gregory Wilson’s “Nothing To Nothing” routine presented by the master himself!