Double Whammy

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A spectator shakes three colored dice inside a coffee cup and memorizes the number on one of the dice. Not only do you reveal the number, but you magically extract the die from underneath the cup! NEW HANDLINGS ARE INCLUDED!

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Double Whammy

This new and updated version of Double Whammy is bolder, more visual, and more practical than ever before! It includes all of the latest handlings that John Kennedy has amassed over many, many years of performance.

PHASE ONE: A spectator shakes three colored dice inside a coffee cup, then peeks in and announces the total on the dice. He memorizes the number on one of the dice without naming it and then inverts the cup on the table with all three dice hidden underneath.

"You told me the total showing on the dice. With this information do you think I can name the number that you memorized?" The spectator ponders this question for a moment as you slowly wave your hands over the cup. Suddenly a die appears on top of the cup - it’s the chosen colored die with the memorized number on top!

When you lift the cup, the other two dice are underneath. This seems absolutely impossible because the spectator had complete control of the cup and dice at all times!

BRAND NEW PHASE TWO: You cover two of the dice with the cup and say, “Watch closely” as you place the chosen die on top and cover it with your hand. Suddenly the die vanishes and reappears under the cup, joining the other two dice!

At this point everything can be examined with no clue to the mystery!

You will receive the dice, special carrying pouch, and gimmick. The gimmick is built into the custom pouch that holds the dice. Just carry it in your pocket and you’re ready to go!

Just about any cup can be used including ceramic coffee cups and paper coffee cups (such as Starbucks). You can use your own cup or borrow a cup if you prefer.

John Kennedy will teach you everything on YouTube video, including all of his favorite handlings. For phase one of Double Whammy (the extraction) you will learn:

WAVE EXRACTION: Wave your hands over the cup and the die appears on top.

PLUCK IT: Quickly and magically “pluck” the die from the cup.

CLOSED FIST: Slowly open your closed fist and reveal the die with the memorized number on top.

For phase two of Double Whammy (the insertion) you will learn:

DIRECT PENETRATION: Place the die on top of the inverted cup. Cover it with your hand and it immediately penetrates the cup.

UNDER THE TABLE: Reach under the table with the die and come out with your empty hand, then lift the cup and reveal all three dice. This is an absolutely mind blowing vanish never seen before!

SLEIGHT-OF-HAND: The die vanishes from your hand and reappears underneath the cup.

TRANSFORMATION: Squeeze the die and it magically changes into the dice pouch! When you lift the cup, all three dice are underneath.

You will absolutely love the new Double Whammy. It's amazing, fun, and can be performed completely surrounded!