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John Kennedy's Terrific Invisible Thread System!

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Got T.I.T.S.? We’re talking about John Kennedy's “Terrific Invisible Thread System.”
You'll be working with a thread filament, not a reel. Reels pull the thread at a fast and continuous rate of speed and give a robotic look to the animation.This system gives you, as a human being, total control of the speed at all times to create any dramatic effect you have in mind.
Up until now a filament had to be manually stripped from its bundle, then wrapped around a playing card or other object. And finally when you were ready to use it, you had to carefully unwind the filament. A difficult and time consuming process.
That has all changed. T.I.T.S. is a precision device that automatically strips out and winds a filament around a tiny spool in one smooth action. The unit houses an industrial micro motor with a precision brass gearbox designed to strip out and wind filaments with the proper combination of power and speed. It also has a bright LED light to help you see what you're doing!
Three spools are included to hold the filaments. The spools are stored inside a small case (also included). Just carry them in your pocket and deploy a filament in seconds when you need it!
Also included is a bundle of Kevlex, our super strong invisible thread. It’s enough for hundreds of performances. T.I.T.S. will also work with other types of invisible thread.

John will teach you six of his favorite animated effects on YouTube video. You’ll learn how to make objects balance, move, roll, and spin on a tabletop.

It’s so much fun!
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