Trick Or Treat

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Make candy and gum pop into view like magic!

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Trick Or Treat
"Have you ever seen one of these? It's a magic chewing gum dispenser." Show a small white paddle, then give it a shake. Suddenly a stick of gum pops into view.

Produce a couple more sticks of gum, then say, "There's a special treat inside the dispenser." Tap it against your hand and a large piece of candy magically appears.

Trick Or Treat looks impossible because the chewing gum extends over the sides of the paddle when it appears! Your audience will be completely fooled. They can even inspect the paddle, but they won't find a clue to the mystery.

You will receive the specially engineered paddle along with the foil wrapped chewing gum gimmick. John will teach you everything on YouTube video. Just provide your own treat for the ending!